# Release notes version 404-minor - August 2022

# New features

  • TapConnect's security has improved: The minimum password length is set to 16 characters when setting a new password to log in to our system.
  • It's also getting easier to connect: we implemented SSO for Translink along with the already working one for GVB
  • GVB had a great step: Moved from the old TapCheck system to our TapConnect multi-tenant environment, having all it's data from Acceptance and Production migrated along with its users.
  • We have new languages: we added Polish support for all of our applications and German was added to the Interop UI.
  • Forget about separate Kibana's credentials: We integrated Kibana login with our system, so now it's possible to go to kibana with one click from our landing page, and you're already logged in.
  • Added a username filter on the User management page to make it easier to find a specific user.
  • More flexibility for you: Now you can set the passback prevention configuration on the Admin UI configuration page

# Improvements

  • We added a constraint on the interoperable product creation: It's now needed to have at least 2 participating PTO's in order to create it.
  • We are working hard to improve our documentation and make it easier for everyone to connect with our systems. We have lots of new pages and improved ones to offer. Be sure to check it out.
  • Landing page: finally we have a place for all your needs with TapConnect. With a single URL you can access all the services from a single page.
  • We automated a lot of the PTO onboarding process, so it's easier to have a new customer up and running in a few hours. It's also more secure as we automated all the signing keys processes related to it.
  • Improved a lot of our processes to make TapConnect even more reliable and bring faster updates for you: Our deployment is fully automated now. We improved a lot on our process schedulers and caches also.
  • Multiple executions of load tests to make sure we can handle all your connections in our system.

# Bug fixes

  • Added some missing translations to multiple applications
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to register a user with an email that has more than 32 characters. The new limit is 128 characters.
  • Fixed a bug on our side that was making the ticket event export endpoint (/ticket-events-export) not to work properly
  • All the tickets deleted on the TapConnect system are also deleted on Kibana
  • Momentarily it was not possible to reset your password, which is possible again now after some fixes.